Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bisaya Vines

Diay mga vine videos nga akong nakita sa internet. These videos are not mine. If you want them off my blog. Let me know. Sa mga wala pa kahibalo. Vine is a site wherein you can shoot 6 seconds videos and share to the world. Here are some of the bisaya vines I found. Lingaw pud. Bisdak kaayo. Binisaya 

This is: 

watching sex scenes with your friends vs. with your parents.
Discretion is advised.

hahahaha this is quite an accurate depiction. Lingaw pud oi.

 Kani kung ang mga babaye ang mag-away vs. lalaki 
 I guess when it comes to guys. We can easily let go of emotions towards another particularly a friend or friends. personal opinion lang. With ladies because of their emotions I guess it is harder to forgive and forget. What do you think?

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