Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bisaya Jokes 17, 2013

Here's two pictures emailed to me. I don't know the source. If it is yours and want it off my blog let me know. Here is the first one. The title in English says "If you won't study well". These are the alternative professional program, course or career in bisaya.

This picture gives the bisaya meaning of chinese names. no offense..joke only..joke joke joke.


famela natangcop said...

hahahahahahahaahha :D :D :D mabuang kog kinatawa .. :D HAHAAH

Tupax Rivera said...

Hi there, im Tupax Rivera, owner of the facebook page Tuba Wine... i own those photos u posted here but u are free to use it...anyway im glad u have the time to share it, bcoz we're sharing happiness to others...