Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dignity sa Tanan

I have come across a posting in the net of someone who is maligning the bisaya ethnic group. I feel bad because I am partly bisaya. My Dad is of ilocano descent and my Mom bisayan descent. I don't know if the posting is true because the internet can be a source of anything bad and good. But if it is, then it is truly sad that there are still people who are too proud, too judgmental and discriminatory. Some people call them using the word"racist", even among people belonging to the same race. Each of us no matter who and what we are have dignity. Dignity means we are to be respected and be seen of worth. We share common humanity, experiences, needs, desire and so on. We are no different from the beggars in the street and Bill Gates in terms of respect and worth. Here is the posting.


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