Friday, May 31, 2013

Bisaya bayot boxing (BBB)

Here is a video that was sent to me of gays entertaining a small crowd in a small village somewhere in the Philippines. They speak bisayan. This video is not mine. If it is yours please do let me know and if you want it deleted from this blog please let me know. This video is not to make fun of gays nor to embarass them in anyway. I just would want to share the fun they bring with their antics. hahahaha ang mga bisdak o mga bisaya makasabot gayud sa video ug unsa ang kataw-anan.  This simple amusements back in the Philippines makes me really miss the Philippines. I come from a small simple town too and this kind of simple joys I now appreciate and miss living in a rich abundant land which lacks real fun, smiles and laughters. Anyway please do enjoy the video.

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