Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bisaya jokes Q and A

One of the best times I had in life is watching local pageant beauty contest diha sa pinas, labi na sa mga gagmay nga lungsod. Kay pinoy lagi I love going to these events and have a good laugh like laugh your head off gyud..this is one of the things I miss...and one of the things really amazing kay mag english gyud ang host...and you know these are bisdak just imagine what goes on in the minds sa mga ordinaryong contestants... here are some bisaya jokes on the question and answer.

Beauty pageant

Host: What is your best feature?
contestant: (ngisi, tan-aw sa audience, confidence kaayo) My paborit isssssssssssssss my graduation piture.
Host: what was the first gift you gave to your girlfriend? You can speak in Bisaya.
Male contestant: aw tenk yu ..ang una nakong gip niya is hmmmmmmm taptoy!
Host: What is a taptoy?
Male contestant: Taptoy gud nga tedi bird.
Host: how would you like me to address you?
Contestant: hehehhe (ngisi kay sayon ang una nga question) aw hehehhe akong adres is Ma-a Davao City! Madayaw!
Host: What is your ideal age for marriage?
contestant: aaah..hmmmmmm dili ko sure.
Host: oh ok..sige pananglitan ikaw...more or less.
Contestant: ah sige uhmmmmmm (mga tawo syagit ug pakpak) ok sige sige na..Less, Less, yes, less. bisaya joke, bisaya jokes, binisaya, bisdak
HOst: What do you want to be after you graduate?
Contestant: (excited kaayo) Yes maam, hehehhe i want to be a successful medicine.
Host: What is your typical day!
Contestant: (tan-aw sa audience, ginerbyos pero ngisi japun kay nasayunan sa question) Saturday maam. Dats ol tenk yu.
Host: Which part of your body is your best asset?
Contestant: (tubag dayon and confident) bilib it or not si Melanie Marquez...(audience pakpak tawon Boooo) bisaya jokes, bisaya joke, bisdak
Host: If you were to describe the color blue to a blind person, how would you do it?
Contestant: dats bery gud question, kip it up. tenk yu. (nikaway tapos talikod diretso back stage)
Host: What is your edge ove the other contestants?
Contestant: uhmm my edge .....23 year old..(tan-aw sa audience ug ngisi ug dako)
Host: describe yout love one in three words.
contestant: oh kaya nako in one word..(syagit mga tawo, pakpak)
Host: ok sige, that's good.
contestant: Sa isa ka word, My layp!....tenk yu.
Host: What is the biggest problem facing our youth today?
Contestant: Drugs!
Host: Why drugs?
Contestant: mahal na man gud kaayo...(ayy! durugista nga gwapa!)

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