Sunday, March 2, 2008

On Philippines Issues

hahahaha diara akong mga gihunahuna pahitungod sa atong nasud...I have posted this in my other blog too.

I guess I am entitled to my own opinions as well whether you will violently react or agree with me. It's funny that I was called "bugo" (dumb) by one of my visitors in this blog and my other blog. He reacted on the posting and opinion I had about gangs and the vandalism they do all over Davao. Anyway again these are my opinions. I intend not to offend but just vent what is in my mind.

First, I believe that the voice of Manila people is not the voice of the whole Philippines. We here in Mindanao and all other provinces has not been given a chance to speak our minds. Even the media in some ways do not even give a chance for Pinoys in the provinces to speak what they think about the issues confronting the Philippines these days. The media I think have become so biased in some ways. I come from Saranggni province and I don't agree with all that Manila people are trying to do. I believe to call for the President's resignation now is untimely and unwise. Why? because there is nobody to replace her worthy enough of trust. There is only 2.5 years left for her term. Let her finish it and then let the people speak through the election. I don't think she will do more harm now that all eyes are on her.

Second, the government has done and is doing something in terms of development. Again my basis for this is my hometown Maitum Saranggani Province. Since Marcos time it is only now that we feel that the government is doing something. Why? because the basic services to the "small people" are being implemented in our place. Education, health and others services have reached our place including services for the tribal people. Investments are coming in our province. Soon there will be a port, a hydro electric plant and a coal mining and many more that will greatly improve the lives of people in the area. I don't agree with people who always oppose the government and judge it to have not done anything, while they sit as government officials and enjoy lucrative lifestyle. some of them are int he senate. Some of them are protesting in the streets.

Third, Lozada. I do agree with the call for transparency and seeking truth from government. But the question I always ask is what truth are we looking for? Truth that there is corruption in government? We all know that, in fact we have even daily participated in it. From "under the table deals" we make for speedy processing of our driver's licenses and the money we give to escape a ticket, to the unregistered motor bikes and jeepneys all over the Philippines and the taxes big companies don't pay. I agree with the call, but it is a call for all of us not just officials in government. I believe that we will succeed only when the simple Filipino will learn to throw his trash in the bin not in the street, only when the simple Filipino learns to use the overpass instead of crossing the highway anytime. We succeed only when we abide abide by the law ourselves, And if we call for accountability and truth then Lozada has to be in court and be accountable for the corruption he did. He is forgiven yes but the consequences of his act in the past has affected the nation and we have the law to deal with it. If we allow Lozada to just be forgiven and not be accountable then we will see more star witnesses coming forward and the circus starts again. The street protests are not the places for which people are to be accountable. The law provides the right places for it in our judicial system. And if you say this system is useless then you are saying anarchy is better and street justice is great.

Lozada. Star witness. Whatever, what I now see is a person who just keeps on talking and talking taking advantage of people's emotions. I'm sorry but that is how I see him now. He keeps on talking but has not really presented any concrete evidences to prove anything. Filipinos are fond of "tsismis" (gossips) and that is how I see it now. He has become a gossiper because he lacks the evidence for his claims. And politics and politicians who have their own personal intentions have jumped in and made everything a circus. We have the law and we have to abide in it. People power will be abused if we decide on issues because of people marching on the streets of Manila. What did the other people power movements do? To see Cory and Estrada at the same time in the same place, I think they all have been just used for political reasons. Can't you see it?

Again these are my offense meant.....hehehehheh

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