Sunday, December 2, 2007

hehehehe binisaya ra jud

if you are looking for more bisaya jokes just go to the archives there are some more jokes in there. If you don't know where that is it is just to your right just below the web messages.

anyway here's two pictures I just want to share to you bisaya jud kaayo ni..

The first one is a common bisaya english misteyk...hehehehehehe....mga draybers ang tama nga spelling is DISABLED...dili kay disable...ok....binisaya joke, bisaya jokes, bisayan jokes, bisayan joke, binisaya jokes

The other picture is the stupid Pinoy gentlemanness that just ticks me off everytime I see it done. Hoy dili intawon gentelmanness ang mudala sa ladies' handbag to help...nahimo na hinuon mo murag bayot ana goodness....unless it is a big travel bag...and ladies handbags or purses are suppose to be your personal fashion accessory dili kay ang lalake ang mudala ana...asus!...and also it is your personal stuff....keep your personal things with you and your own....these are the reason why I think pinoy gentlemanness is stupid when it comes to handbags....

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