Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Feet (Akong tiil)

binisaya- picture feetmao ni akong mga tiil. Ambot ani uy murag wala na ko lain mapost ba. But anyway, these are my feet. This picture was taken because of boredom. Last week I had to go to the hospital and had my lab and physical check up. Pinoys always tell to come back at this certain time and kung naa naka didto wala pay tawo and you have to at least wait for 30 minutes to whatever time they told you. They call it pinoy time or Filipino time. I HATE FILIPINO TIME! IT SUCKS! To my fellow pinoy don't you just get it? Pinoy time is not good at all. It is stupid to be proud of this and say this is our culture. This may be our culture but it really is one of the things that we should change. Lalim ka naghulat ko ug about 3 hours just to have a 15 minute session with the Doctor. Kinsa puy dili maglagot ug magkagot ana! So, sa boredom gikodakan na lang nako akong tiil.

Naa pa koy isa nga napansin. Sa hospital I waited with a bunch of other people having their physical check up for immigration purposes. They all were dressed like they are going to the party, while ako naka shorts and naka tsinelas. Garbo kaayo ang pinoy uy. Dili man sa panaway ba pero usahay ang pinoy dili na magtsinelas kay dili daw appropriate. My goodness! Sa atong kultura ang pagtiniil ug pagtsinelas intawon ang appropriate sa atong klima ug panginabuhi. Duna pay nag jacket ug maong, my goodness! I mean this guy used it not because the aircon was full blast. He used it even when he went out. Intrigero kaayo no..pero do you find that absurd? and stupid...adto mo sa uban nasud di ba simple baya intawon sila kaayo. You ask me how I know? I lived for 4 years outside the pacific ocean...hhahahahahaha..kidding aside I have lived for 3 years somewhere in North America and 1 year in South Korea..and I can say sobra ra jud ta kaarte nga mga pinoy and sometimes makaingon ko nga inappropriate jud ang uban nga butang natong ginabuhat diri... nag yawyaw si ondoy....Bow! kana lang....hehehehe

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