Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lahi ra jud!

Last weekend I went around the city with a very close friend. Nagsuroy-suroy lang. Instead of the mall walk we usually do, we decided to go walking in one of the the old streets of Davao City, San Pedro street. I just took some pictures of what we saw while walking. Here are some of them. I will post the pictures that are a little off the usual. Something we can call "lahi ra jud".

The first is a picture of "Manang Sorbetera". It is suppose to be "Mamang Sorbetero". Di ba kanta mani? If you are born on the 70s I guess you would know. Ana nako kadugay diri sa kalibutan..hahahahahahaha

Now, here's another. We saw this three young men selling junk. Murag gikan sa isa ka nasunog nga tindahan sa relo. They were selling not so damaged wrist watches. One of the guys was squatting doing the repairs, the other is watching over the goods and the other was doing the marketing. He was shouting, "O dies na lang, dies na lang" They were selling it P10 - P15 each. If you look closely you would even see burned plastic casings of the watches. Lahi ra jud. Only in the Philippines. click on the picture to have a better view.

Now, kani makalingaw. This is manong with his "Sunday Cobra's oil", an all around medicinal oil for minor and major skin disorders including soriasis (psoriais). Laban mo? He had a real cobra with him. He even got his cellphone number written down for special orders and complaints...hehehehehe professional kaayo. click on the second picture and look bottom right. So, if you want relief form panuhut to bahog ilok, bahog tiil, buyag-buyag sa hangin, buyag buyag sa engkanto, sakit sa tulo, rayuma, kurikong, buog sa dalunggan (di ba dalunggan man jud ang buog? Asa pa diay ang uban nga buog?) Asus, ako na hinuon ang na-ignorante..hubag hubag, kaspa, almoranas ug uban pa...hay It's not just for skin diseases's for a lot of ailments. He has this bottle where the oil comes from (second picture right side behind the list). I looked into it closely and saw a bunch of cobra skin. yay! kahadlok! mao daw na ang ihaplas-haplas. Yay! Sus Ginoo! But you know what, some people bought the oil!!!! Lahi ra jud!!!

It was a real treat for me. I know some of you would not relate, kay mga sosyal naman. Ang uban sa inyo even are afraid to walk around. Mga elitista kaayo mo uy! hahhahhaa joke lang pero tinuod...hehehehe....But you know these are what we can call our own. This is our way of life. These are the things that make us Filipinos. Why don't YOU spend one afternoon walking around with the ordinary people. It's good. It's fun. It would keep your feet on the ground and keep you in touch with who are.


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