Thursday, August 9, 2007


A friend of mine asked me why I am using the bisayan language for my blog. The question was asked in such a way that there was a dislike or an inferior regard to the language. Kani sya murag normal na sa atong mga pinoy. We tend to laugh at our own language and consider it inferior compared to other languages particularly English. I am one of the guilty. Unsaon ta man natawo man ta sa perception nga ing-ani. Infact the first language I learned was English and slowly was mixed with the local dialects. I learned bisaya (cebuano) when I was grade one na. Akong una nga dialect kay ilocano. And why bisayan or specifically cebuano?

1. Well, I've mentioned in my first blog that this was created because i wanted to make this blogsite interesting to make money. That is so tinuod. I think there is an interest in soemthing that is familiar and something that we can relate to.

2. I'd like to at least learn to love our own. Our languages though diverse they may be makes us who we are. It is part of kung kinsa ta as pinoys. I remembered living in Canada for 3 years and in that 3 years everytime the national anthem was sung manimbawot jud akong balahibo. There is something in language that makes us belong.

Well, i guess that answers the question. hinaut nga kitang mga pinoy matun-an natong higugmaon atong kaugalingon. Sa tagalog "Tangkilikin natin ang Sariling Atin". You know what I teach the English Language and if I compare the two languages in terms of sound, mas ma-appreciate nako ang bisayan (cebuano). There is something in it that is unique and wonderful. Paminaw ra gud mo ug drama sa radyo. You will realize nga ang bisaya compared sa English is more expressive.And you will find yourself laughing your guts out. Maybe because it is our language, but nevertheless to me it is something unique and worthy to be spoken and used and loved. hala sige praktis na ug binisaya! Our language is not inferior. Why? because we aren't.

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