Thursday, August 23, 2007

How To Earn Money Through Blogging

Earn money through blogging? A question many of my friends ask me. I am a newbie in terms of blogging. It was not like a few weeks ago that I started to have a blogsite of my own. I got so excited because I found out that it is not just fun to have your own blogsite (because you got to publish your own ideas and opinions and likes etc. for all to see), but you earn through it as well. My friends are asking me about it and here are the things I usually tell them. These aren't from a professional blogger, but it is what I have learned so far. If there are things I miss to mention please bear with me because I am still learning. Here they are:

1. Decide with determination that you will build your own blogsite. This should be the first thing you really have think about because it is important. You need to have readers and fans and people visiting your site to create a greater opportunity for you to earn. You also need to provide the post or content of your blogsite and this takes a bit of time doing. If you can't give time for this then you might not as well have a blogsite of your own.

2. Decide a topic or theme or kind of blogsite you are going to build. The more interesting it is the more visitors, the more possibility of earning. You also have to consider what you like and what you do the best. Most blogsite allow you to have videos and audio stuff in the site. So you can think of that.

3. When you are decided apply for a blogsite of your own. The rule here is that you make things interesting so people will come. You have to direct internet traffic to pass through your blog. So in each step of the way in the application make things interesting. I can only recommend the site here . This is where my blogsite is located in the net. There are other sites you can shoose from where blogging is free. You will be guided accordingly as you apply.

4. When you have built your blogsite already add some widgets or gadgets or small stuff to make your blog look cool. You have a myriad of choices at .

5. Then after you have posted your first entry and your site looks good already you can apply for advertising to be added in your site for you to earn.You can go to to to apply for Adsense ads. The site will explain to you how and give you the terms and conditions of the earning money online through blogging.

So there it is. Inenglis karon kay kahinanglan nako i upgrade akong site hehehehehe.

**** note: You got to read about SEO search Engine Optimization and about javascript and how to copy paste them and put them in your site too.

Kana na lang karon. So kung gusto mo mag earn through blogging...hala bira... duna may mga ads maybe maskin diri sa akong blogsite maclick ninyo for you to get to a blogsite community to apply for a site your own..hehehehehehe hahahaahahahha lipay lipay tang tanan!

If you have questions I am willing to answer them as far as I have learned.

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