Sunday, August 26, 2007

Be thankful

Free gifts, free TVs, free PSPs, Free cars, Free houses, free computers and so on. Many of us enjoy many free things in life, but still we complain about so many things as well. We never seem to be satisfied with what we have. The picture here I have taken with my cellphone when we were just coming out of the office last Friday, and they were laughing at me because they knew it was for this blog post today.

We must learn to be thankful and enjoy what we have. Let us not complain of the food served, unless it's poison. Let us not complain about not getting what we like, because there are a lot more we have. There are many who can only eat twice or even once for example the poeple in the garbage dump of Manila. There are people blind, with aids, without mothers or parents, born with abnormalities and so on. There are people who are born slaves and illiterate. Born to push around their Dad on a wheelchair to look for something for breakfast.

Daghan jud ta kahinanglan pasalamatan sa atong kinabuhi. Hinaut nga karong adlawa atong isa-isahun ang mga butang nga naa ta ug magpasalamat sa Balaan ug gamhanan sa tanan. Sugod sa mga butang nga libre pananglit ang hangin. You'll realize that there are so much to be thankful for. The best things in life are free. So be thankful.

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