Thursday, August 30, 2007


These are just two pictures from our recent company outing/team building day. Kani akong mga kauban sa trabaho nga mga computers geeks? hehehehehe joke joke lang..Mga web developers, link builders, web designers, writers, site admin, virtual assts and webmasters ni sila uy...ayaw ni sila i smol smol hahahahaha...a really good, hard working bunch....

Monday, August 27, 2007

waaaaaaaaaa tepok!

The lesson : there are no shortcuts in life. If you want to achieve or succeed in life never take short cuts.....hahaahahahahhahahaha wise words for a person who got kicked on the butt for doing shortcuts hehehehehehehehehe

Kung naa mo napansin sa akong blogsite mao na na.....hahahahahhahahahaha BUT, life goes on...ang blogsite na ni buhi pa....hhehehehe and magsige ra gihapon ko post diri...don't forget the lesson hhahahahahahaha hheehehehehehe huhuhuhuhu tepok ko!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Be thankful

Free gifts, free TVs, free PSPs, Free cars, Free houses, free computers and so on. Many of us enjoy many free things in life, but still we complain about so many things as well. We never seem to be satisfied with what we have. The picture here I have taken with my cellphone when we were just coming out of the office last Friday, and they were laughing at me because they knew it was for this blog post today.

We must learn to be thankful and enjoy what we have. Let us not complain of the food served, unless it's poison. Let us not complain about not getting what we like, because there are a lot more we have. There are many who can only eat twice or even once for example the poeple in the garbage dump of Manila. There are people blind, with aids, without mothers or parents, born with abnormalities and so on. There are people who are born slaves and illiterate. Born to push around their Dad on a wheelchair to look for something for breakfast.

Daghan jud ta kahinanglan pasalamatan sa atong kinabuhi. Hinaut nga karong adlawa atong isa-isahun ang mga butang nga naa ta ug magpasalamat sa Balaan ug gamhanan sa tanan. Sugod sa mga butang nga libre pananglit ang hangin. You'll realize that there are so much to be thankful for. The best things in life are free. So be thankful.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

How To Earn Money Through Blogging

Earn money through blogging? A question many of my friends ask me. I am a newbie in terms of blogging. It was not like a few weeks ago that I started to have a blogsite of my own. I got so excited because I found out that it is not just fun to have your own blogsite (because you got to publish your own ideas and opinions and likes etc. for all to see), but you earn through it as well. My friends are asking me about it and here are the things I usually tell them. These aren't from a professional blogger, but it is what I have learned so far. If there are things I miss to mention please bear with me because I am still learning. Here they are:

1. Decide with determination that you will build your own blogsite. This should be the first thing you really have think about because it is important. You need to have readers and fans and people visiting your site to create a greater opportunity for you to earn. You also need to provide the post or content of your blogsite and this takes a bit of time doing. If you can't give time for this then you might not as well have a blogsite of your own.

2. Decide a topic or theme or kind of blogsite you are going to build. The more interesting it is the more visitors, the more possibility of earning. You also have to consider what you like and what you do the best. Most blogsite allow you to have videos and audio stuff in the site. So you can think of that.

3. When you are decided apply for a blogsite of your own. The rule here is that you make things interesting so people will come. You have to direct internet traffic to pass through your blog. So in each step of the way in the application make things interesting. I can only recommend the site here . This is where my blogsite is located in the net. There are other sites you can shoose from where blogging is free. You will be guided accordingly as you apply.

4. When you have built your blogsite already add some widgets or gadgets or small stuff to make your blog look cool. You have a myriad of choices at .

5. Then after you have posted your first entry and your site looks good already you can apply for advertising to be added in your site for you to earn.You can go to to to apply for Adsense ads. The site will explain to you how and give you the terms and conditions of the earning money online through blogging.

So there it is. Inenglis karon kay kahinanglan nako i upgrade akong site hehehehehe.

**** note: You got to read about SEO search Engine Optimization and about javascript and how to copy paste them and put them in your site too.

Kana na lang karon. So kung gusto mo mag earn through blogging...hala bira... duna may mga ads maybe maskin diri sa akong blogsite maclick ninyo for you to get to a blogsite community to apply for a site your own..hehehehehehe hahahaahahahha lipay lipay tang tanan!

If you have questions I am willing to answer them as far as I have learned.


I was going over old pictures in my computer and found this picture. Curious lang ko. It says "Jesus Christ Return Oct. 10, 2010". Kabalo ba mo unsa ni nga group? Mga 3 months ago nako ni napiktyuran sa dalang Claveria.

How about this kanding? Lost and found kanding...kaila mo kinsa tag-iya ani? Basi nabuang na ug pinangita ang tag-iya ani. Reported missing sa San Pedro precinct December 28, 2006...unsa kaha ilang gipang new year? hehehehehehehe nawala ilang kanding...

joke joke joke

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kadayawan kodaker

These are pictures I took of the kadayawan festival the past weekend and all for the sake of blogging hahahaa. Medyo the kadayawan and I are not in good terms karong tuiga. I rested this weekend jud kay para naa energy for the days ahead...murag muapil sa gera..hahahahaha di man intawon ko kodaker uy...di pud maniniyot...pasensya na mo aning mga pictures ha.... o ang first kay ebidensya nga ako jud ang nagkuha aning mga pictures.Aduna pa nay date ha....syaro di pa mo mutuo....I was on my way to church and i went down sa may San pedro street and walk to the end of Claveria for about 30 minutes and shot

these pictures. After that simba......good boy!...hahahaha kuyaw kaayo ang mga float ba kay grabe ang flowers nga gipang arrange..kuyaw ang orchids pud uy...beautiful jud...
Nag syagitay ang mga tao and so nacurious ko and took pictures...basta shoot and shoot...basta naka 30 siguro nga shots and nagilis pa ug batteries pero mao ra ni intawon ang maayo nga pictures.
tungod sa syaggit i realized i took
a picture of ms. melanie grabe ang botox ug face lifting! pictyuran pud nako anf Pinoy Big Brother group...i don't even know mga ngalan nila basta shoot! shoot! shoot! jud ang kadayawan maniniyot uy.
I took pictures of Marimar! Some people were shouting marimar! marimar! so shoot na pud..sus kay likod ra kita nila uy..kay tua man ko pikas sa dalan..there you see marimar and ding-ding dantes..murag
kuto kagagmaya...talikod pa jud!

And here's a picture of Marco Polo nga murag naa palengke sa iyang entrance...and last kani to the left is San Pedro..saka ko sa bombero ana ba para lang naa mabutang sa blog...

Add Image

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ang Itoy Sa Park

Because it's Sunday, i just want to share to you just a simple reflection point. Sometime ago niadto ko sa Gap farm with an amigo (park) para lang magrelax and just to give a little quiet sa kinabuhi ba. When we were in the park we sat on one of the benches near a bamboo tree or grass. Tapos kaning little puppy came. It was niwang and seem to be an orphan. Kay gikapoy akong friend iyang gihubo iyang sapatos and kaning itoy hinay-hinay niduol nitan-aw sa amo with a very luoy look. Then it slept on the sapatos of my friend. Mao na ang picture diha.

I just wandered ba in this cruel, busy and confusing world nato, naa ba mo maingon nga rest or security? Kanang itoy paghigda niya sa sapatos murag secure kaayo sya ug close na daw mi. hehehehehe Security dili in terms of money or wealth. Kanang security ba sa kinabuhi nga despite sa kagubot sa kinabuhi dili magun-od atong stability or dili ta magpanic o mawad-an ug paglaum. Mag worry man naay kasigurohan ug dili mag panic ba to the extent nga mawala ang maayong pagta-aw sa kinabuhi ug ang buot.

Ako di man ko santo no pares ninyo hehehehehehe pero i find time to be still and just relax and call on the God i believe in. Maybe to some it is impossible or don't even mutuo nga naay Ginoo. But for me akong Ginoo maoy akong kasigurohan ug source sa inner strength, maayong pagtan-aw sa kinabuhi ug gahatag sa ako ug buot kung naa pa man hahahahaha. Where do you find your security? Is it on your wealth, pamilya o friends? Kung mawala na mabuang ba mo? O relax japun.....Where your treasure is, there will heart be also...kung naa sa kwarta ang inyong stability hala lisud kaayo kay kung mawala na wala pud ang stability...hehehehehe serious kaayo no...Have a blessed Sunday anyway maskin sa inyo nga dili gatuo sa kung kinsa nga Ginoo ..........peace bai!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


To readers bloggers or not. Dili ni meant to offend in any way..Ang inyong mabasa is somewhat irreverent, but hilarious...Just wanted to share how Filipinos sometimes go to the extreme para lang sa pamilya, how hilarious we can be, atong ingenuity ug unsaon nato ug survive with smiles sa atong mga nawong gihapon despite the cruelty of life..sorry sa maoffend ha...don't read if offensive to you...this is not a true story but a good laugh and source of reflection.Read through hangtud sa baba to enjoy it.

Inay…a Mother’s Day Story

Guys have you heard the story of the mag-ina in the US? Anyway let me tell the story of their life here in Los Angeles. Dalawa lang silang mag-ina dito sa America at hinihintay nila ang pagdating ng pamilya nila. Pero unfortunately while they were waiting, the mother died. The family in the Philippines wants their mom to be buried back home pero it was so expensive. Pero dahil majority of the family wants it that way, walang choice ang anak dito sa States kung hindi sundin ang mga nakakatanda sa kanya, Dahil nga very expensive, she decided to just remain in the States and ship the coffin unaccompanied. Nang dumating na sa Pinas ang kanilang ina, may napansin ang pamilya na hindi maganda. Ang mukha at katawan ng inay hila ay dikit na dikit na sa salmin ng kabaong. Sabi tuloy ng isa, “Ay tingnan mo yan, hindi sila marunong mag-asikaso ng patay sa Amerika”.

To cut the story short, they prepared the coffin for viewing, pagbukas ng takip (salamin) ng coffin, may napansin silang sulat sa dibdib ng kanilang Inay. Dahan-dahang kinuha at nangi-nginig na binuksan ni kuya (panganay na anak) ang sulat at binasa sa lahat na buing pamilya. Ang nilalaman ng sulat ay ito:

“Mahal kung mga kapatid,

Hayan na si Inay!! Pasensya na kayo at hindi ko nasamahan ang inay sa pag-uwi diyan sa Pilipinas sa kadahilan na napaka-mahal ng pamasahe. Ang gastos ko na nga lang sa kanya ay kulang-kulang sa sampung libo (Kabaong at shipment). Ayoko ng isipin pa ang eksaktong halaga. Anyway, pinadala ko kasama ni inay ang:

  1. dalawampu’t apat na karne norte sa nasa likod ni inay. Maghati-hati na kayo.
  2. Anim na bagong labas na Reebok sneakers…isa suot suot ni Nanay…and lima nasa ulunan ni Inay…isa isa na kayo riyan
  3. Ibat-ibang kalseng tsokolate, nasa puwitan ni Inay…maghati-hati na kayong lahat…
  4. Anim na Ralph Lauren na T’shirts suot-suot ni Inay…para sa iyo kuya, at isa isa ang mga pamangkin ko.
  5. Isang dosenang Wonderbra na gusting-gusto ninyo, mga kapatid ko, suot suot din ni Inay. Maghati-hati na kayo riyan.
  6. Dalawang dosenang Victorias Secret na pantiesna inaasam-asam ninyo, suot-suot din ni Inay. Maghati-hati narin kayo Ate…
  7. Walong Dockers na pantaloon suot-suot din ni Nanay…kuya, Diko, isa isa na kayo at mga pamangkin ko.
  8. ang Rolex na hinabilin mo kuya, eh suot-suot din ni Inay. Kunin mo na
  9. ang hikaw, singsing, at kuwintas na gusting-gusto mo, Ate eh suot-suot din ni Inay. Kunin mo na.
  10. mga chanel na medyas, suot suot din ni Inay, Isa-isa na kayo, at mga pamangkin ko.

Bahala na kayo kay Inay. Pamimisahan ko na lang dito. Balitaan niyo ako pagkatapos ng libing.

Nagmamahal na kapatid,


PS. Pakibihisan na lang si Inay…

copyright 2000 Philippine Science High School Batch '72

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jeepney Ride

As a blogger I am starting to become observant of things around me..hehehehehe para naa ko masulat diri, but this is something good. The other day, as usual sakay ko sa jeep and front seat lingkod. Di madugay dunay nitapad kanako nga ordinary nga guy mga 40 anyos na siguro. Paglingkod niya sige sa lingo lingo and nagingon "matay pildi jud mi da!" and so because I was seated next to him I asked, "Ngano diay nong?" Tubag sya, "Pildi mi sa boxing uy.wala financer. Kulang ra jud"

He has a team who competed in a local boxing event in the Kadayawan festival which is happenin g now August 13 - 19 man siguro. The event is being held sa SM grounds

So the conversation went on with the jeepney driver suggesting like this: "Patungabi ug toothpaste bay inadlaw, para daghan calcium!" What a suggestion! I was laughing out loud witht the guy. and then the guy answered, "Uy basi mapildi nihuon mi ana bay kay basi ingnon na rabies among mga boxer kay gabula ang baba".....hahahahahaha that was one funny ride. We had a good laugh all the way until I reach the office.

Before I had to go, the driver nag suggest na pud. Ingon siya, "maayo ana bay mga maut ug hitsura imo ilaban para pagkita pa lang sa kalaban hadlok na sila". Tubag pud ang laki, "Ang lisud ana bay kay ang maut ug nawong di na musagang kay maut na daan nawong, pildi japun ta ana. Ang mga gwapo kay musagang jud para dili maguba ang nawong!...

This is one funny ride I had. I love riding the jeepneey though usahay makapungot. pero mao ni ang isa ka uniqueness sa Philippine life. Ug kung hunahunaon nako makagaan jud sa kasing-kasing baya....kung kamo problemado why not look at the simple things in life and just laugh a bit...Ang kinabuhi maayo jud.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jok, joke, jok ta gamay

Blogging is a great opportunity. Kani ididikar nako sa isa ka tawo nga natun-an nakong gugmahun nga pares sa usa ka anak...Bryan Christopher Isidro.

HUSBAND: When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?
WIFE: I clean the toilet bowl.
HUSBAND: How does that help?
WIFE: I use your toothbrush.
TATAY: Asensado na talaga ang anak natin sa US. Ito, nagpadala ng picture, nakasandal sa kotse. Basahin mo nga ang nakasulat sa likod.
NANAY: Inay, nagpapasalamat ako, kasi, kung hindi dahil sa kotse na ito, natumba na ako sa sobrang gutom.
BITOY: Dagul, bakit ang pandak mo?
DAGUL: Kasi, bata pa lang ako, ulila na ako.
BITOY: Anong kaugnayan nun sa pagiging pandak mo?
DAGUL: Sira pala ulo mo! Wala ngang nagpalaki sa akin!
JUAN: Pedro, nasaksak ako! Walang hinto ang tagas ng dugo. Please, call me a nurse. Call me a nurse, bilis!
PEDRO: Sige, you're a nurse! Nurse ka Juan! You're a nurse! Nurse kah!
Pasyente: Dok...ninenerbyos po ako! first operation ko po ito...
Dok: Alam ko nararamdaman mo...kasi ikaw rin ang una kong pasyente..
REPORTER: Sir, kung wala po kayong evidence, witness or suspect ano na napo ang next step ninyo?
Police: DNA na...
REPORTER: sir, ano po yong DNA?
Police: Di Namin Alam.

hehehehe ngisi pud gamay uy! I hope that these made you a little bit cheerful this time. Life goes on and things as simple as these we must enjoy because they make life lighter, but what makes life the best are people who we learn to love by the Grace of God and has become truly part of our lives.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


oh sige mao ni ang usa sa mga pipila lamang nga pictures I have when I was young. Guess asa ko sa picture....hahahahaha bahala na mo mu mag guess ha....hahahahaha...this is a picture taken sa atubangan sa simbahan nga gitukod sa akong lolo sa probinsya, sa maitum sarangani province...that's my hometown diay...prom di kaayo no...this picture is with my cousins and uncles and aunties...hehehehe asa daw ko diha be?

I have posted this picture because adunay uban nga nag request nga i post nako something about me pud o speak louder than words man it is as requested...walay musaway ha...bantay ra mo....this is how ancient I am now..this picture baya is still with me..i mean ang original..I am keeping this because it's one of the few pictures nga naa ko...wala jud ni sa akong panghinumdum ba...pero naa man ibedinsya picture so tinuod na ug ako jud na...ambot kanus-a ni uy...murag panahon pa man no kupong-kupong hahahahahaha

Another request diay is i greet daw nako akong mga friends...dili baya ni radyo ha nga dali lang maggreet...itype baya jud ni...hala sige uy...

igreet nako akong mga higala nga sila

allan a.k.a Osang kay flawless daw sya
moner a.k.a kalbo --- manila gurl hahahahaha
asyang ----ang dato nga klasmeyt
michael a.k.a pogi...forever ke coling
akong maga kaliwat nga sila Ampoy sa Florida, Neneng sa Vancouver ug Bhong saUK.
akong mga higala daw nga mga kurokan diha sa Bethel Language and Culture center

ug ang gamhanan nakong gang! Si Miss Sarah sa SPC hahahah hi gang!

Apil na lang nako mga opis meyt uy kay basi balian ta ani ug bukog
Ice ice bebe
Tes and babaeng bampira
ug si wilmer...tama ba ni?

ay naa pa diay ang solo link builder namo si Melissa...sige ko kalimot sa blog site ba...hatag ra gud nako akong inote na lang sa CP

here it is as requested...wala na masuko ha...lipay lipay na tang tanan! hehehhehee

About ten minutes later:

hahahahahahahaha mao na ni ba! Nakasab an ko sa akong amigo kay ngano daw wala sila apil...hala sige ...i greet nako ang gwapa nga si
aaron a.k.a inday hehehehee
ug si teho taho..aka dumbuhalang beautiful

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Just a little about Phililippine languages:

The number of languages listed for Philippines is 175. Of those, 171 are living languages and 4 are extinct.

Itneg, Banao
Itneg, Moyadan
Villa Viciosa formerly spoken in Abra Province.

kaning upat namatay kay wala nay gagamit ug wala nay buhing kahibalo pa magsulti aning mga lenguahea.
So as much as possible we keep our languages alive because they are one of the factors that define who we are...binisaya pud mo uy...

Almost all of them belong to the Austronesian language family - pasabot kita medyo natibo sa australia...hahahahha lolo nato ang mga aborigines of Australia...hay agta man jud ta uy...maayo na lang nasagulan ta dugo sa kastila..hhahahahha joke lang...atong lenguahe related to polynesian languages, hawaiian, maori is a list

Malay-Indonesian, other languages of Indonesia (Javanese, etc.)
Philippine languages: Tagalog, Ilocano, Bontoc, etc.
Aboriginal languages of Taiwan (Tsou, etc.)
Polynesian languages: Hawaiian, Maori, Samoan, Tahitian, etc.
Micronesian: Chamorro (spoken in Guam), Yap, Truk, etc.
Malagasy (spoken in Madagascar)
Most of these languages fall in a branch called MALAYO-POLYNESIAN

Number of native speakers

Tagalog ---------------22,000,000
Cebuano ------------- 20,000,000
Ilokano ---------------7,700,000
Hiligaynon -----------7,000,000
Waray-Waray ---- --3,100,000
Northern Bikol ---- 2,500,000
Kapampangan ------2,400,000
Pangasinan ----------1,540,000
Southern Bikol -----1,200,000
Maranao ------------1,150,000
Maguindanao ------1,100,000
Kinaray-a -----------1,051,000
Tausug --------------1,022,000
Chavacano --------- 607,000
Surigaonon --------- 600,000
Masbatenyo ------- 530,000
Aklanon -------------520,000
Ibanag ---------------320,000

Di jud paulahi ang bisaya uy!


A friend of mine asked me why I am using the bisayan language for my blog. The question was asked in such a way that there was a dislike or an inferior regard to the language. Kani sya murag normal na sa atong mga pinoy. We tend to laugh at our own language and consider it inferior compared to other languages particularly English. I am one of the guilty. Unsaon ta man natawo man ta sa perception nga ing-ani. Infact the first language I learned was English and slowly was mixed with the local dialects. I learned bisaya (cebuano) when I was grade one na. Akong una nga dialect kay ilocano. And why bisayan or specifically cebuano?

1. Well, I've mentioned in my first blog that this was created because i wanted to make this blogsite interesting to make money. That is so tinuod. I think there is an interest in soemthing that is familiar and something that we can relate to.

2. I'd like to at least learn to love our own. Our languages though diverse they may be makes us who we are. It is part of kung kinsa ta as pinoys. I remembered living in Canada for 3 years and in that 3 years everytime the national anthem was sung manimbawot jud akong balahibo. There is something in language that makes us belong.

Well, i guess that answers the question. hinaut nga kitang mga pinoy matun-an natong higugmaon atong kaugalingon. Sa tagalog "Tangkilikin natin ang Sariling Atin". You know what I teach the English Language and if I compare the two languages in terms of sound, mas ma-appreciate nako ang bisayan (cebuano). There is something in it that is unique and wonderful. Paminaw ra gud mo ug drama sa radyo. You will realize nga ang bisaya compared sa English is more expressive.And you will find yourself laughing your guts out. Maybe because it is our language, but nevertheless to me it is something unique and worthy to be spoken and used and loved. hala sige praktis na ug binisaya! Our language is not inferior. Why? because we aren't.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Sugod na jud ni.Pero hmmmmmmmmmm nalibog ko kung puro binisaya ba jud akong blog o unsa jud ni akong blog. Ang Title sa akong Blog kay "Binisaya ug Uban pa"....naghunahuna ko.....uban gaingon nga binisaya jud puro....pero hunahuna na pud akong title nakaingon man pud nga ug uban pa.....maingon na nako karon nga oo magbinisaya ko pero sagul sagulan nako ug tagalog o english kay mao ni uban sa "ug uban pa". Gahunahuna pud ko nga ang uban nakong mga higala dili man pud mga bisaya...lain man paminawon uy.... bisaya...murag irong buang sa kanto...di bitaw uy...hahahahhahahha

hala sige kung kamo nagabasa palihug pud ug hatag kung unsa inyong hunahuna ug maingon para malipay tang tanan.

Interaction is one reason why this blog is being developed. I want it not just my own ideas or experiences but that of those who read it. Relationship is the main idea for the blog. I would want to relate to you, virtually the least. Ok?

O diba English! hehehehehehehe...pwedeng bumati? ...... hi to Melissa, to Ice, to Michael, To Tes, To Werner, wilmer, winner ? kinsa to syang bag-ong agent diha? basta siya...and last to Hmmmmmmmm kinsa gani si G***a? ...ah si Ewang! Glad to be your office mate...yan lang po...maraming salamat....parang showbiz fan! hahahahahahaha

Sunday, August 5, 2007

sinugdan (beginning)

hahahhaha korek ba akong speling sa begining? hay mao ni akong sinugdan nga blog..nagselos man gud ko sa akong kauban sa ofis kay nakakwarta siya sa iyang blog! ambot giunsa niya...nangutana ko niya ug iyang tubag kay, "I just make my blog interesting" hehehhee inenglis! pero tubag niya binisaya kong hunahuna, magblog ko para makakwarta pud ko...hunahuna ko ug mga pila ka adlaw ug unsa man jud ang mao ni ang nigawas sa akong utok...kung naa pa man ko...hahahahaha ug mao ni ang Sinugdan sa akong sugilanun nga usa ka blogger! blag! blag! blag! blog diay....nahug akong ang corol pa ra mapansin jud...!

I can translate this for those who can't underastand bisaya. It may not be ok though. here it is....

translation my spelling of begining correct? Oh this is my starting blog..i got jealous of of my officemate who made money with her blog!I don't know how she did it...i ask her and she replied, "I just make my blog interesting" giggle in english! but she replied in my mind, i will blog also so i can make money....i thought foe a few days what is interesting...and this is waht came out of my brain...if i have one...laugh and this is the beginning of the story of one blogger! crash! crash! crash! ...oh blog (diay? what is in English?) hay ambot cellphone fell....