Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kon dunay pagbuot, dunay paagi -- bisaya

Kon dunay pagbuot, dunay paagi. If there is will there is way. I think this video just clearly illustrate this. Mga bisdak, naginbento ug nebulizer para sa ilang inahan. Sometimes we give up on things that we think we can't overcome, but a little thinking and planing and creativity naa man jud paagi. Ang kalisud sa kinabuhi dili siya excuse for us not to use our minds and own creativity to live life and find ways to cope. Admirable kaayo jud ni sila. The fact that they did something to improvise for the mother or whoever she is in their lives is praiseworthy. Not just creativity pero ang ilang gug-ma sa inahan. Tan-awa ang video how this guy just pump for air and how tiring it is and yet he smiles and goes on. The drive the motivation the intention are all because of love, and that is far more excellent than the creativity. It is their love that spurrred them on to creativity. 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In remembrance of Yolanda - Yolanda song Bisaya version

It is amazing how people cope with tragedy. This song reflects how Yolanda victims cope with laughter and songs. Mao ni ang admirable jud kaayo aning mga tawhana, to be able to sing and laugh and smile even after a tragedy that has left their lives in a mess. Amazing! 

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mas pawir ang Bisaya

It is good to be back here again posting something. It's been quite a time. I had a very sudden and alarming experience. I was in the hospital for sometime due to a ruptured right kidney which was removed. I am thankful for life. Daghang salamat sa mga nag-ampo para nako ug nitabang sa panahon nga nangahinanglan ko ug tabang. 

Pictures are not mine. Got them from:

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Ang Pangit ug gwapo

I find this funny but at the same time revealing of the human heart. This reveals nga ang atong kasing kasing di lang kay usahya judgmental kaayo. We look at the out side of a person, what they wear, their language, kung adunahan ba sila or pobre and judge them accordingly. But this is not right. We need to be able to love people even the most unlovable without any conditions. People are people. There are good people nga pobre ug adunahan. Ug duna pud adunahan o pobre nga dautan jud ang batasan. For short we need not judge people by the external, but rather according sa kasing kasing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mas advance ang Bisaya

hahahaha this picture is not mine. It is a screen shot from facebook. To the tagalogs this is just a joke.......  bisaya, bisdak, binisaya, visayan, joke